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How will you balance the budget?

We are in the middle of a social and economic crisis. The cost of living is increasing, our costs are increasing and the demand for our services is increasing.  How would you close a two-year funding gap that is being worsened by increasing demand and inflation?  

  • On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a list of service areas and sources of income. Simply select each one to see the services that make up each area of the Council and the types of income there are 
  • You can select the 'i' beside each service or income source for an explanation about what the service covers
  • You can choose to increase or decrease spending for each service, by moving the slider to the left or the right
  • You can also choose to increase income sources to help balance the budget

The budget gap includes the cost of increased demand and inflation across services.  The consequences presented in this priority simulator tool are indicative only.  Further work would be required to develop and assess the changes in services that would be required as a consequence of any budget changes.  

The list of service areas are: 

  • Place-based
  • Health and adult social care
  • Children and families, and
  • Council-wide services 

The sources of income are:

  • Income
  • Council tax, and
  • Adult social care precept 

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